The Paul Costelloe Story

With a child’s enthusiasm and a father’s affection, Paul Costelloe’s love of superior tailoring and wearable designs, has driven his lovingly crafted, self-made family brand.

Paul Costelloe’s preeminent collection of beautiful clothing, has run strongly and steadily from the doors of the Costelloe family studios, over the past 30 years; created by the Irish-born designer, who saw art as his most valued skill, he has grown the brand into a established and respected name.

The Past & Future

Paul trained in the classic boutiques of New York, Milan, and Paris, who’s halls nurtured the talents of other outstanding designers such as Georgio Armani, before returning to his Irish home to found his own family run studios in 1979. Returning with a rich appreciation for the finery’s he witnessed abroad, Paul launched his now famous label, Paul Costelloe Collections.

In 1994 he opened his a flagship store, in the iconic wards of Knightsbridge, London. Since the beginnings of his now famous fashion career, The Costelloe line has opened the prestigious London Fashion Week no less that six times – delivering an expanding and prodigious output of unpretentious and practical work, flashed through with his own rich and ergonomic styling.