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You’ll have seen the luxury Paul Costelloe Collection on sale before, but now you can buy these authentic, high quality, designer bags at a discount, directly from the factory and at truly affordable prices. Sale stock is limited, so when you see what you want, get in quick!

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Our bags go everywhere with us and contain some of our most important belongings: phones, purses, keys and more, so it’s only natural to want the best. Our designer collection, launched just last season, is of the highest quality and is produced by top craftsmen, making a Paul Costelloe genuine leather bag your most reliable and versatile accessory. Our range is available in a wide spectrum of cool colours, so regardless of whether you’re after something more classic or in search of something more daring, there’s bound to be a handbag that suits every taste. You might be working hard in the office, having a leisurely lunch or travelling the world… whatever it is, there’s a Paul Costelloe designer handbag that’s just right for you.


Here at Paul Costelloe we cater for your every need, and our range of luxury leather bags reflects this. With models available in every size, shape and colour imaginable, there’s a bag for every occasion. For those work-a-day tasks, our shoppers, totes and backpacks are ideal - rugged enough to carry heavy loads over long days. Our work bags have plenty of room for anything the day - or the boss - might throw your way, whilst our clutch bags are the perfect accompaniment for more glamorous affairs. All come complete with convenient built-in compartments, pockets and fastenings to make everything run smoothly, and our signature genuine Italian leather gives a touch of elegance. Big or small, classic or contemporary, functional or fashionable… it’s in the bag!