PC Fryday(s)

Fryday- The most awaited day of the week just after Thursday, which we at Paul Costelloe Bags call Thirstday!

Friday is a blessing, a day when we can actually remove time to thank the almighty for ‘the’ day and everything else that comes along.

Frydays is that one last day before the weekend, that’s why they are a lil’ annoying & the name Fry-day! Perhaps also a good enough reason to run all the pending errands whilst we indulge in actualising our self fulfilling prophecy.

At PC, we strongly recommend a cross body buy for the weekend starting Friday, it shall never fail you and that’s a promise.

You know that time, when you are on a night out or that time when you are on a shopping spree with loads of carry bag(s) to manage and the last thing you want is a high maintenance bag! Yes, Just that moment, & to avoid that phase of struggle, we have designed multi functional, beauty cross body bags!

Lets endeavour to make our Fridays more fun and less taxing, lets take this day to pay our gratitude towards the week gone and towards a great buy with a cross body investment!


Have a fulfilling- fun weekend!