PC Bednesday(s)

It’s that very look on our face, half terror, half beauty! The contemplation of whether to smile, coz it’s already Wednesday or to remorse, coz it’s still only just a Wednesday- that’s why we at Paul Costelloe Bags, decided to refer them as Bednesday(s)! It’s still a day when you’re loving your bed as much as you love on any given Monday or Tuesday Morning.

But we believe, there can be several beautiful reasons to rejoice the day, Of course one being wake up to a beauty grab bag, no efforts required, pounce & grab and you’re pretty much get set go!

Grab Bags are a statement in itself, they ooze confidence & style from miles. We’re soon going to launch our new collection with pony skin- just the right stuff for these wintery- winters(2014). Spacious enough to store your wardrobe for the day and strong enough to relieve you from any pain you may have to suffer due those extra kilos & what’s more- With leather as soft as the one we use, the added hint of pony skin in different places adds to the character of the bag whilst adding a touch of luxury.

Grab your Bednesday Bag from our hyper fashion collection to accomplish the in between days as abridge to the happening ones.